Social Services

Social Services Department

The Social Services Department at Nuestra Clinica del Valle is committed to serving you by educating, empowering, and linking you to medical and community resources. Social Services refers to many resources including specialists, agencies and patient assistance programs.

You are referred to Social Services by your doctor. No appointment is needed and often you can be seen the same day as your doctor visit. You can expect to be sent to Social Services when your medical provider has ordered an exam, specialist or medication that is not offered within the clinic. The department has two main services: referrals and DAP (Drug Assistance Program).


Referrals are given for various exams and specialists. Your  doctor will discuss with you what specialist or exam is being ordered. When meeting with Social Services, staff will offer you choices on when and where you would like to schedule your appointment. Our Social Services staff realizes that all patients are unique and take our patients’ needs into consideration when scheduling appointments. Many appointments for exams and specialists are scheduled with the objective of low cost to you, our patient. Staff also screens for eligibility of other medical assistance and refers to agencies and other outside resources as needed.


The department can also provide services to you regarding some prescribed medications. Although most medications can be purchased in the NCDV pharmacy, some medicines are not available and that is when Social Services may be able to assist. Any uninsured and in some cases, under insured patient (prescribed a medication not available in pharmacy) is recommended by his or her medical provider to speak with Social Services to check availability with the Drug Assistance Program. Social Service staff  will screen to see if  you may qualify for a patient assistance program for the prescribed medication. You can expect to be asked to pay a minimal processing fee and provide proof of income before an application can be sent out to an assistance program. All applications are completed by Social Services and you are contacted when medications have arrived and are ready to be picked up in the NCDV pharmacy. These programs are very beneficial and help save many patients hundreds of dollars per year.

Most NCDV Social Services are open Monday through Friday for your convenience. Please call or come by and ask for your Social Services Department for more information. We look forward to serving you.


Graciela Castillo LMSW
Social Services Director