Behavioral Health

Individuals often seek mental health support through their primary care providers. This occurs for a variety of reasons. For example, patients may perceive their psychological symptoms as physical ailments. People may experience a decrease in energy, body aches, crying, headache, sleep disturbance, and decrease in concentration. Additionally, individuals may struggle to manage their physical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension if their mental health is compromised. Therefore, it is imperative that mental health be treated concurrently with physical health. At Nuestra Clinica del Valle, we offer a trained and experienced mental health staff to support your behavioral health needs.

Any individual who is referred by their primary care provider at NCDV can seek services with the Bienestar Emocional program. Clients are seen initially to evaluate their symptoms, the impact of those symptoms on their behavior, and appropriate course of action.

There are several options for care. When necessary, mental health providers consult with primary care providers to determine the appropriateness of a medical intervention to address mental health. Bienestar Emocional staff is trained to provide brief interventions, brief therapy (6-8 sessions), group therapy and referrals to community agencies. In addition, Bienestar Emocional staff offers a 6 week class on addressing depressive and anxious symptoms and behaviors. Once individuals are established with the Bienestar Emocional program, they are then followed up by our Depression Care Managers to reevaluate their symptoms and provide additional options for support.

The mental health of our consumers is of utmost importance. Please speak with your NCDV provider about mental health services.

Providers for this Service

Anna Garcia, LPCBehavioral HealthMercedes Clinic
Janet Salinas, LPCBehavioral HealthMission Clinic
Veronica Gonzalez, LPCBehavioral Department DirectorSan Juan Clinic